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M.Sc. Lisa-Michéle Bott


M.Sc. Lisa-Michéle Bott

Südbau, Room 1.20

Otto-Fischer-Straße 4
50674 Köln

Telephone +49-(0)221-470-1938
Fax +49-(0)221-470-4917
E-mail lbott(at)

Office hours: Monday 16:00 - 17:00 Uhr

Research Interests

Human-environment-interactions, socio-economic impacts of climate and environmental change, social networks, global south studies, resilience and vulnerability, sustainable development, megacities
Regional focus: South and South-East Asia, especially Indonesia


Academic Positions

Since 07/2014 Lecturer, research fellow, and PhD candidate at the Institute of Geography, University of Cologne

Since 10/2016 DFG-funded project TRANSOCAP - Building adaptive capacity through translocal social capital: Sea level rise and resilience of coastal communities and households in Indonesia. Further Information

10/2016 Guest researcher at the University of Sydney, Faculty of Science, School of Geosciences, Sydney (Australia)

05/2012 – 10/2013 Graduate student member of the research group „Climate Change and Security“ (CliSec) at the KlimaCampus, University of Hamburg

05/2009 – 08/2010 Student assistant at the Institute of Environment Communication, Leuphana University of Luneburg

10/2008 – 03/2009 Tutor for the instruction of scientific working at the Leuphana University of Luneburg


Professional training

10/2010 – 03/2014 Studies of Geography (M.Sc.) at the University of Hamburg (Academic distinction: summa cum laude)
Topic of the master´s thesis: „Migration and adaptation to climate change in Pakistan – theoretical framework and stakeholder perceptions“

10/2007 – 09/2010 Studies of Applied Cultural Sciences and Sustainable Development (B.A.) at the Leuphana University of Luneburg



Summer term 2019

- Seminar “Mensch-Umwelt Interaktion im Küstenraum“ (Human-environment interaction in coastal regions) (together with Dr. H Laermanns)

Winter term 2018/19

- Seminar "Population and Urban Geography"

Winter term 2016/17

- Reading seminar „Neue Konzepte und Ansätze der Wirtschaftsgeographie" (New concepts and approaches of economic geography) (together with K Molitor, M.Sc.) 

Summer term 2016

-  Seminar "(Wirtschaftliche) Entwicklung und Herausforderungen im Globalen Süden" ((Economic) development and challenges in the Global South)

Winter term 2015/16

- Seminar "(Wirtschaftliche) Entwicklung und Herausforderungen im Globalen Süden" ((Economic) development and challenges in the Global South) (together with Dr. A Bernzen) 

Summer term 2015

- Seminar "Tourismusgeographie" (Tourism geography) (2 courses)

- Practical Seminar "Naturschutz und Freizeitnutzung im Rheinland" (Nature conservation and leisure activities in the Rhineland) (together with Dr. A Bernzen)

Winter term 2014/15

- Seminar „Wirtschaft und Stadt“ (Economic and urban geography)



Neise, T., Bott, L. M., 2020. Indonesiens Hauptstadtverlagerung - Hintergründe der Entscheidung und Folgen für die Megastadt Jakarta. Geographische Rundschau 72 (1/2), 54-57.

Bott, L.M., Ankel, L., Braun, B., 2019. Adaptive neighborhoods: the interrelation of urban form, social capital, and responses to coastal hazards in Jakarta. Geoforum.106, 202-213. 10.1016/j.geoforum.2019.08.016.

Bott, L. M., Braun, B., 2019. How do households respond to coastal hazards? A framework for accommodating strategies using the example of Semarang Bay, Indonesia. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 37, 101177. 10.1016/j.ijdrr.2019.101177.

Bott, L. M., Illigner, J., Marfai, M. A., Schöne, T., Braun, B., 2018. Meeresspiegelanstieg und Überschwemmungen an der Nordküste Zentraljavas – Physische Ursachen und soziale Anpassungsmaßnahmen. Geographische Rundschau, 70 (4), 4-8.

Bott, L. M., 2016. Linking Migration and Adaptation to Climate Change: How Stakeholder Perceptions Influence Adaptation Processes in Pakistan. Internationales Asienforum, 47 (3-4), 315-347.



Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2019): „Translocal social capital as a resource for adaptation to coastal hazards on North Java, Indonesia“. RSA Annual Conference – Pushing Regions beyond their Borders, 05.-07. June 2019, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2019): „Indonesien – Geographische Besonderheiten und Herausforderungen eines Inselstaates “. Thementag Inselwelten am Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, 28. April 2019, Cologne.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2018): „Collective adaptation, social capital and self-organization of urban and peri-urban coastal communities on Java “. 8th International Conference on Building Resilience, 14.-16. November 2018, Lisbon, Portugal.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2018): „Collective adaptation strategies towards floods and subsidence – the cases of Central Java & Jakarta, Indonesia “. INQUA-PAGES ECR workshop: Impacts of sea-level rise from past to present, 26.-29. August 2018, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2018): „Adaptive neighbourhoods: Spatial form, social capital, and coping with coastal hazards – The case of Jakarta“. 5th Global Conference on Economic Geography, 24.-18. July 2018, Cologne.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2018): „Meeresspiegelanstieg und Überschwemmungen an der Nordküste Zentraljavas – physische Ursachen und soziale Anpassungsmaßnahmen“. Gesellschaft für Erdkunde zu Köln e. V., 21. June 2018, Cologne.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2018): “Living with floods and subsidence in Central Java, Indonesia – Empirical evidence ad theoretical implications”. AAG Annual Meeting 2018. 10.-14. April 2018, New Orleans, USA.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2017): “Living in multi-risk environments – Bottom-up approaches to building adaptive capacity in Central Java, Indonesia”. Deutscher Kongress für Geographie 2017 – Eine Welt in Bewegung. 30. September - 05. October 2017, Tübingen.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle; Braun, Boris; Illigner, Julia; Schöne, Tilo (2017): “Coastal and Regional Sea Level Rise, Subsidence and Collective Adaptation Processes in Semarang, Indonesia”. International WCRP/IOC Conference 2017 – Regional Sea Level Changes and Coastal Impacts. 10.-14. July 2017, New York.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle; Braun, Boris (2017): “Should we stay or should we go? Coastal hazards, mobility patterns, and (trans-)local social capital in Semarang, Indonesia”. GSSC Conference: The Global South on the Move. 07.-09. June 2017, Cologne.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2017): “Migration and social capital as resources to adapt to environmental change –  Case Studies from Pakistan and Indonesia”. Invited Speaker at the Gadjah Mada University. 20. April 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2016): "Anpassung an Naturgefahren durch translokal verankertes Sozialkapital – Soziale Netzwerke und Resilienz von Haushalten und Gemeinschaften auf Java, Indonesien”. Fachtagung – Stand der Netzwerkforschung. 05 - 06 Dezember 2016, Darmstadt.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2016): "The role of social capital and translocal networks in adapting to sea level rise – Theoretical framework and empirical results from Semarang, Indonesia”. Doktorandenkolloqium Umweltorientierte Wirtschaftsgeographie (UMWiG). 04 November 2016, Cologne.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2016): "How can translocal social capital contribute to building adaptive capacity towards environmental risks? Sea level rise and community resilience in Indonesia”. Regional Studies Association Student & Early Career Conference 2016. 26 - 27 October 2016, Newcastle, UK.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2016): "Building adaptive capacity through translocal social capital – sea level rise and resilience of coastal communities and households in Indonesia”. Invited Speaker: Thinking Space – Geography Seminar Series. University of Sydney, 12 October 2016, Sydney, Australia.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2016): "Building adaptive capacity through translocal social capital – sea level rise and resilience of coastal communities and households in Indonesia ". Research Colloquium of Economic Geography (RCEG). 13 January 2016, Cologne.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2015): "Wahrnehmung von Migration und Umweltveränderungen in Pakistan – Die Sicht der Entscheidungsträger". Deutscher Kongress für Geographie 2015. 01 - 06 October 2015, Berlin.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2015): “Water Resources of Megacities: Virtual Water Flows and Food Consumption Economies". Second International TWIN-SEA Workshop on Climate and Societal Change in Coastal Areas in Indonesia and South East Asia. 23 – 24 March 2015, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2014): "Water resources of megacities - ideas for a PhD project". Doktorandenkolloquium Umweltorientierte Wirtschaftsgeographie (UMWIG). 12 December 2014, Cologne.

Bott, Lisa-Michéle (2013): "Migration and climate adaptation – theoretical framework and evidence from Pakistan". The Hamburg Conference – Actions for Climate-Induced Migration. 16 – 18 July 2013, Hamburg.



Travel Grant of the Graduate School of Geosciences (GSGS), University of Cologne, “Regional Sea Level Changes and Coastal Impacts”, 10-14 July 2017, Columbia University, New-York – USA.


Organisations / Memberships

Deutscher Verband für Angewandte Geographie e. V. (DVAG)

Gesellschaft für Erdkunde zu Köln e.V. (member of the extended board)

Half-yearly Symposium for PhD candidates in Environmental Economic Geography (UmWiG), Universities of Cologne and Luxembourg

Verband der Geographen an Deutschen Hochschulen (VGDH)

Research Colloquium of Economic Geography  (RCEG), University of Cologne (Chair)