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Lumineszenzlabor Köln (CLL)


The CLL is focused on constraining Quaternary environmental change in a range of environmental settings. Specific research objectives are focused on coastal settings,geoarchaeological applications, extending the age range of luminescence dating using radiofluorescence, exploration of luminescence-thermochronometry, constraining complex environmental dosimetry and the application of ESR dating.  As such the group is involved in a range of different research projects including the “Our Way to Europe” SFB806 consortium grant and the RLum.Network. Further information about luminescence dating and ESR dating, current and completed research grants can be found here:

Recent news

Workshop in Rock Surface Dating at the CLL

Workshop in Rock Surface Dating at the CLL

On the 18-19th of October, the CLL hosted researchers from Aberystwyth, Innsbruck, Lausanne, and Risø to discuss OSL-dating of rock surfaces. Topics like laboratory procedures, exposure dating and erosion modelling, and luminescence characteristics and bleaching rates of different rock types were discussed in a friendly atmosphere.

New saw for rock surface samples

New saw for rock surface samples

To facilitate the preparation of samples for rock surface dating, a new rock saw (Bühler Abrasimet 250) was installed in October 2018. The water-cooled saw can handle samples with diameters of up to 10 cm.

Fieldwork in Mongolia (Sep. 2018)

Fieldwork in Mongolia (Sep. 2018)

Invited by the team of M. Petraglia from the MPI for the Science of Human History, together with the teamleader Nils Vanwezer, Ian Candy, Julien Louys, Aitor Burguet Coca, Dima Sokolnikov, Arturo Cueva Temprana, Javier Sanchez Martinez, Andrea Picin, Hans Sell and the wonderfull team around Bayarsaikhan Jamsranjav from the National Museum of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar.

Photo exhibition on studies in the Atacama

Photo exhibition on studies in the Atacama

From 15.11.18 to 19.03.19 visitors are invited to the university library for a photo exhibition titled „Abenteuer Atacama – Mit den Forscherinnen und Forschern in der Wüste“. Photos of the studies in the CRC 1211 give a good impression about the scientific work in a diverse, partly barren, yet impressive landscape of the Atacama.

CRC 1211 - “Earth-Evolution at the Dry Limit”

CRC 1211 - “Earth-Evolution at the Dry Limit”

A new Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) led by Prof. Tibor Dunai from the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy at the University of Cologne titled “Earth-Evolution at the Dry Limit” was funded by the DfG in August 2016. This CRC seeks to explore the mutual evolutionary relationships between Earth surface processes and biota, through focussing on the Atacama desert.

Recent Publications

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