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Beteiligung an Forschungsprojekten (laufend)

Application of Luminescence Dating Techniques in Geoarchaeological Studies. Subprojekt F2 integrated in the CRC 806 "Our Way to Europe". Funding: DFG | PIs: H. Brückner, D. Brill | Participating Scientists in working group: N. Klasen, D. Strebler, F. Hartung > Mehr Informationen

OSL-Dating: Constraining the Pleistocene environmental history of the Atacama: Extending the age range of luminescence dating. Subproject D05 in the CRC 1211 Earth - Evolution at the Dry Limit. Funding: DFG | PIs: H. Brückner, G. King (Cologne) | Participating Scientists in working group: D. Brill  > Mehr Informationen

OSL surface exposure dating of wave-emplaced boulders - Improving the use of coarse-clast records for coastal hazard assessments. Funding: DFG | PIs: D. Brill, S.M. May | Cooperation partners: J. Lario (Madrid, Spain). Participating scientists in working group: G. King, A. Zander, H. Brückner, M. Engel  > Mehr Informationen

Myanmar's tsunami and cyclone record - Surveying coastal geoarchives for sedimentary evidence of extreme wave events. Funding: DFG | PI: D. Brill | Cooperation partners: F. Kraas (Cologne), Aung Kyaw, Htun Ko (Yangon, Myanmar). Participating scientists in working group: S.M. May, M. Engel, H. Brückner, A. Pint, S. Opitz  > Mehr Informationen

Typhoon Haiyan on the Philippines - a dramatic disaster provides a crucial reference for palaeotempestology. Funding: UoC Postdoc Grant | PIs: M. Engel, D. Brill, S.M. May, H. Brückner (Cologne) | Cooperation partners: Project NOAH, Michelle Reyes (Manila, Philippines)

Paleo-tsunami and earthquake records of ruptures along the Nankai Trough, offshore South-Central Japan. Funding: Belgian Research Action Through Interdisciplinary Networks | PIs: M. De Batist, V. Heyvaert, A. Hubert-Ferrari (Belgium), O. Fujiwara, Y. Yokoyama (Japan), H. Brückner (Cologne) | Participating scientists in working group: S.M. May, D. Brill, M. Engel, M. Seeliger > Mehr Informationen

Archeostraits - Vorgeschichtliche Siedlungskammern an der Meerenge von Gibraltar: die Territorien von La Silla del Papa und Los Castillejos de Alcorrín (9. – 1. Jh. v. Chr.). Funding: DFG | PIs: Prof. Dr. Pierre Moret (CNRS, Toulouse), Prof. Dr. Dirce Marzoli (DAI, Madrid) | Participating Scientists: S.M. May, D. Brill, H. Brückner.


Beteiligung an Forschungsprojekten (beendet)

Cyclone-generated washover sediments and landforms of Western Australia. Funding: DFG | PI: S.M. May | Cooperation partners: A. Scheffers (Lismore, Australia), D. Kelletat (Cologne), M. Leopold, N. Callow (Perth, Australia). Participating scientists in working group: M. Engel, D. Brill, H. Brückner, A. Pint

Tracing tsunami impacts in coastal geo and bio-archives along the west coast of Thailand. Subproject of the project “Tracing Tsunami Impacts onshore and offshore in the Andaman Sea Region (TRIAS)". Funding: DFG | PIs: H. Brückner, D. Kelletat | Cooperation partners: K. Jankaew (Bangkok, Thailand), A. Scheffers (Lismore, Australia), A. Vött (Mainz) | PhD student: D. Brill.

Studie zur Paläogeographie und Geoarchäologie von Ullastret und Umgebung, Katalonien, Spanien. Funding: DAI Madrid | PIs: Drs. A. Martín (Ullastret), D. Marzoli (Madrid) | Research assistant: D. Brill.