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M.Sc. Widhi


M.Sc. Widhi

Südbau, Raum 1.12

Otto-Fischer-Straße 4
50674 Köln

Telefon tel: +49-(0)221-470-8503
E-Mail anirwans(at)smail.uni-koeln.de

Current position:

PhD candidate at the Institute of Geography, University of Cologne.

Main Research Fields and Interests:

  • Coastal Geography
  • Geographic Information System
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Environmental Evaluation
  • Remote Sensing 
  • Geography in Education
  • Sustainable Development
  • Research country: Indonesia


    • 2017- Ongoing: PhD degree in Economic Geography at the Geographical Institute, University of Cologne, Germany.
    • 2010 - 2012: Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Planning and Management of Coastal Area and Watershed, Faculty of Geography – Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
    • 2003-2009: B.Ed degree in Geography Education, Faculty of Social Science – State University of Semarang, Indonesia.

      Work experiences:

        • 2014 - Ongoing: Academic Staff in Geography Study Program, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto, Indonesia
        • 2016: GIS Specialist for Participatory Mapping on Village Boundary Setting and Resources Management in Mamasa, Yayasan Puter Indonesia. Funded by MCA-Indonesia
        • 2014-2015: Head of Laboratory, Geography Education Study Program, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto, Indonesia
        • 2013: Spatial Data Analyst for Water Resources Management Planning in Dumoga Sangkub Watershed, North Sulawesi, Gama Bhakti Utama, Indonesia
        • 2012: Geography Expert in PT. STUPPA Indonesia for Master Plan for Heritage Tourism of Cirebon Palace
        • 2011: Data Analyst in Coastal Coastal Village Identification for PDPT (Pengembangan Desa Pesisir Tangguh) in Kulon Progo Regency, Universitas Gadjah Mada and Ministry of Marine and Fisheries Affairs, Indonesia
        • 2009: Mapping and surveying coordinator on Mangrove Conservation at Cilacap Regency, Marine and Fisheries Department of Central Java Province, Indonesia


          • 19 September - 20 September 2016: Leadership Development Program (LDP) in the Bureau for Human Resources Development, Bappenas.
          • 18 July - 29 July 2016: Training of Trainer for Planning and Budgeting in National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo - Japan.
          • 23 May - 27 May 2016: Training of Trainer for Planning and Budgeting in Master of Development Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Gadjah Mada (MEP UGM), Indonesia.
          • 11 October - 24 October 2015: Performance Measurement in Central and Local Governments in Japan International Cooperation Agency - Tokyo International Center (JICA Tokyo).
          • 07 September - 18 September 2015: Leading Transformational Change Program in Melbourne Business School Carlton Campus, Victoria - Australia.
          • 11 May - 13 May 2015: Be A Great Public Speaker Training in the Bureau for Human Resources Development, Bappenas. 
          • 21 November - 05 December 2014: Staff Enhancement Program for Professional Human Resources Development Project in the Graduate School of International Relations, International University of Japan.
          • 21 April - 20 June 2013: Development Planning Training Level 2 (Second Planning Functional Staff) in the Institute for Economic and Social Research, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (LPEM FE-UI).
          • 15 February - 31 July 2010: Training of English for Academic Purpose (EAP) in International Language Institute, Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia (LBI FIB-UI).
          • 20 August - 21 August 2009: Training of Technique for Scientific Journal Writing in the Institute for Economic and Social Research, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (LPEM FE-UI).
          • 21 April - 20 June 2008: Development Planning Training Level 1 (First Planning Functional Staff) in the Institute for Economic and Social Research, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (LPEM FE-UI).
          • 16 January - 15 February 2008: Agent Based Model (ABM) Training, Research Collaboration Analyzing Pathways to Sustainability of Indonesia in Directorate of Regional Development, Deputy of Regional Development and Local Autonomy Affairs, Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas).
          • 23 August - 24 August 2006: Training for Trainers on the ECLAC Methodology for Damage and Loss Assessment and Monitoring - Evaluation of Reconstruction Programs in the World Bank, Jakarta - Indonesia. 
          • 05 December - 09 December 2006: Training for Planning Model and Regional Database System Development in Directorate of Regional Autonomy - Bappenas.


            • Groundwater Table and Landslide Vulnerability In Various Landforms In Part of Prambanan District (Bokoharjo, Sumberharjo, Wukirharjo Sub Districts) Novi Rahmawati, Anang Widhi Nirwansyah, Djati Mardiatno. Poster on: The 3rd International Symposium Of Geography, Romania, 8-10 April 2011
            • Evolution of Human Adaptation Towards Climate Change in Tidal Flood Prone Area. A Case Study of Bedono, Demak - Central Java. Anang Widhi Nirwansyah, Nursakti Adhi, Riswan Sianturi, Djoko Suwarno, Eny Farida, Ririn Sumari. Paper and Poster Presentation on: “Climate and Environmental Change and Their Impacts on Livelihoods, Mobility, and Regional Development” Faculty of Geography, Gadjah Mada University 20–30 June 2011
            • Shoreline Change Evaluation to Improve Spatial Planning In Waterfront Cities Case Study: Surabaya-Indonesia. Anang Widhi Nirwansyah, Nursakti Pratomoatmojo. Paper Presentation on: International Seminar on Urban and Regional Planning 2011, Makassar July 13rd 2011. Hassanudin University. Makassar. Indonesia
            • Joint Student Project Climate Change Implications on Urban Landscape of Kathmandu, UGM, Institute of Engineering Tribhuvan University Nepal, ITT Koln University Germany. Anang Widhi Nirwansyah, Taufik Hidayatullah. Poster Exhibition in CNRD Annual Meeting November 2011, Yogyakarta Indonesia. Supported by DAAD
            • Collaborating Local Community Response in Climate Change with Scientific Theory Through Participatory GIS A Case Study in Pekalongan. Youth Conference in Geographic International Symposium. Anang Widhi Nirwansyah. Essay Presentation. May 4th – 7th 2012, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
            • Mangrove-Community Contribution on Disaster Risk Reduction Due to Coastal Flood (A Case Study in Lawangrejo Village, Pemalang Regency). Proceeding on Eco-DRR December 2012 at Universitas Gadjah Mada
            • Participatory GIS Practice on Sea-Level Rise Impact on Coastal Community of Pekalongan Municipal. Proceeding of International Seminar Communicating Multi-scientific Analyses on Disaster Risk Management. ISBN. 978-602-9439-43-4. July 2013

              Books and Publications:

              • Basic of Geographic Information System and Its Application Using ArcGIS 9.3 (in Bahasa Indonesia) Publishing Books. Anang Widhi Nirwansyah. Dee Publishing, Yogyakarta, Indonesia ISBN: 978-602-401-654-8
              • Comparation Of Ordinary Kriging and Spline Technique in DEM building (Case Study Pekalongan Municipality, Central Java. (in bahasa) Journal Geo Edukasi. Vol 4 No.. 2015. http://geoedukasi.ump.ac.id/index.php/geoedukasi/article/view/119
              • Landslide pattern analysis in Somagede District using Geographic Information System. (in Bahasa) Journal Geoplanning Vol 2. No 1. 2015. http://ejournal.undip.ac.id/index.php/geoplanning/article/view/9106
              • Coastal Vulnerability Model Based on Shoreline Change and Coastal Flood Case Study in Pekalongan (in Bahasa Indonesia). Publishing Books. Muh Aris Marfai, Nursakti Adhi Pratomoatmojo, Taufik Hidayatullah, Anang Widhi Nirwansyah, Muammar Gomareuzzaman. MPPDAS. November 2011. ISBN: 978-602-19549-3-5
              • Integrated Coastal Zone Management Based on Coastal Spatial Planning Using Cell Sediment Approach Case Study: Randusanga. Brebes – Tegal (In Bahasa). Anang Widhi Nirwansyah. Buletin Laboratorium Pesisir Parangtritis Bakosurtanal. June 2011