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Centre of Quaternary Science and Geoarchaeology (QSGA)
Collaborative Research Centre 806

Forschungsprojekte (laufend)

Extreme wave events

  • Cyclone-generated washover sediments and landforms of Western Australia. Funding: DFG | PI: S.M. May | Cooperation partners: A. Scheffers (Lismore, Australia), D. Kelletat (Cologne), M. Leopold, N. Callow (Perth, Australia). Participating scientists in working group: M. Engel, D. Brill, H. Brückner, A. Pint > More Info

  • Typhoon Haiyan on the Philippines - a dramatic disaster provides a crucial reference for palaeotempestology. Funding: UoC Postdoc Grant | PIs: M. Engel, D. Brill, S.M. May, H. Brückner (Cologne) | Cooperation partners: Project NOAH, Michelle Reyes (Manila, Philippines).

  • Paleo-tsunami and earthquake records of ruptures along the Nankai Trough, offshore South-Central Japan. Funding: Belgian Research Action Through Interdisciplinary Networks | PIs: M. De Batist, V. Heyvaert, A. Hubert-Ferrari (Belgium), O. Fujiwara, Y. Yokoyama (Japan), H. Brückner (Cologne) | Participating scientists in working group: S.M. May, D. Brill, M. Engel, M. Seeliger. > More Info
  • Dating tsunami deposits on the Cape Verde and Canary Islands using cosmogenic nuclides (36Cl). Funding: Dr. Hohmann Funding, KölnAlumni e. V. | PIs: S.M. May, G. Rixhon, M. Engel (Cologne), R. Paris (Clermont-Ferrand, France).

  • Dislocation of tsunami blocks on Bonaire dated by cosmogenic nuclides (36Cl). Funding: Universität zu Köln, Bernd Rendel Prize, ABC/J Research Award, Max Delbrück Prize | Cooperation partners: T. Dunai, S. Binnie (Cologne) | Participating scientists in working group: G. Rixhon, S.M. May, M. Engel, H. Brückner.

  • Hydrodynamic model simulations tuned to sedimentary evidence of extreme-wave events support coastal hazard assessment. Funding: Max Delbrück Prize | PIs: M. Engel, S.M. May, H. Brückner (Cologne), H. Schüttrumpf (Aachen) | PhD student: J. Oetjen (Aachen/Cologne).



  • Continuity or Discontinuity? Upper Pleistocene to Middle Holocene Contacts between North Africa and Iberia and their palaeoenvironmental context. Subprojekt C2 integrated in the CRC 806 "Our Way to Europe". Funding: DFG | PIs: G.-C. Weniger, H. Brückner | Participating Scientists in working group: G. Rixhon, N. Klasen, D. Brill, M. Bartz. > More Info

  • Climatic and Environmental Changes in the Upper Pleistocene – Middle Holocene of the Iberian Peninsula. Subprojekt C3 integrated in the CRC 806 "Our Way to Europe". Funding: DFG | PIs: H. Brückner, K. Reicherter, M. Melles. > More Info
  • South Qatar Survey Project (SQSP) - Reconstructing Holocene palaeoenvironments. Funding: DAI, Qatar Museums (QM) | PIs of the palaeoenvironmental project: M. Engel, H. Brückner (Cologne) | PIs of the archaeological survey: R. Eichmann (Berlin), C. Gerber (Heidelberg).

  • Holocene climatic events in Northern Arabia - Environmental changes and human response (Funding: DFG) | PIs: M. Engel (Cologne), B. Plessen (Potsdam), P. Frenzel (Jena) | Cooperation partners: R. Neef, M. Dinies (Berlin), G. Gleixner (Jena), A. Schwarz (Braunschweig), Directors of the archaeological excavation: R. Eichmann, A. Hausleiter (Berlin) | Participating scientists in working group: H. Brückner, A. Pint, N. Klasen. > More Info
  • The Rioni-Delta and the burial ground of Pichvnari – a geoarchaeological research at the Black Sea coast of Georgia. Funding: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung e.V. | PIs: Hannes Laermanns, Daniel Kelterbaum (Cologne). > More Info
  • Die thrakische Hafenstadt Ainos in römischer und byzantinischer Zeit – Entwicklung eines Verkehrsknotens in einer sich wandelnden Umwelt. Subprojekt integrated in the DFG Priority Programme SPP 1630. Funding: DFG | PIs: Thomas Schmidts (RGZM Mainz), Sait Başaran (Istanbul, Turkey), H. Brückner (Cologne) | Participating scientists in working group: M. Seeliger, A. Pint > More Info

  • Paleogeography of the Kane Peninsula (W-Turkey). Funding: DAI | PIs: Felix Pirson (Istanbul, Turkey), Simon Keay (Southampton, England) | Participating scientists in working group: M. Seeliger.

  • Landscape evolution in the environs of the ancient city of Ephesos, Western Turkey – a palaeogeographic and geoarchaeologic study. Funding: ÖAI | PI: Dr. Sabine Ladstätter (ÖAI, Austria) | Participating scientists in working group: F. Stock, A. Pint. > More Info

  • Archeostraits - Vorgeschichtliche Siedlungskammern an der Meerenge von Gibraltar: die Territorien von La Silla del Papa und Los Castillejos de Alcorrín (9. – 1. Jh. v. Chr.). Funding: DFG | PIs: Prof. Dr. Pierre Moret (CNRS, Toulouse), Prof. Dr. Dirce Marzoli (DAI, Madrid) | Participating Scientists: S.M. May, D. Brill, H. Brückner.


Geomorphology and Geochronology

  • Application of Luminescence and Electron-Spin-Resonance Dating Techniques in Geoarchaeological Studies. Subprojekt F2 integrated in the CRC 806 "Our Way to Europe". Funding: DFG | PIs: H. Brückner | Participating Scientists in working group: N. Klasen, D. Brill, D. Strebler, F. Hartung. > More Info
  • Late Quaternary changes in sea level and coastal environments of southern Qatar (SeLeQt). Funding: ExxonMobil Research Qatar | PIs: M. Engel (Cologne), C. Strohmenger (Doha, Qatar).

  • Late Quaternary glaciations, periglacial and aeolian geomorphic processes as contribution to the palaeoclimatic evolution of continual mountains in Western Mongolia. Funding: DFG I PIs: F. Lehmkuhl (Aachen), D. Hülle (Cologne).
  • RLum.Network - A scientific network to analyse luminescence data with R. Funding: DFG. PI: C. Schmidt (Bayreuth). Participating scientists in working group: Christoph Burow.> More Info
  • Cosmogenic nuclide (10Be & 26Al) and palaeomagnetic dating of fluvial terraces in the lower Moselle valley (Germany). Funding: DFG | PI: G. Rixhon | Cooperating scientists: T. Dunai (Cologne), S.Cordier (Paris), U. Hambach (Bayreuth) | Participating Scientists in working group: S.M. May, D. Kelterbaum.

  • Cosmogenic nuclide dating of fluvial sediments (10Be & 26Al) in the Ardennes massif (Belgium). Funding: FNRS, Belgium | PIs: Prof. Didier Bourlès, Dr. Régis Braucher (CEREGE, France), Dr. Alain Demoulin (Liège, Belgium) | Participating Scientists in working group: G. Rixhon.